Every year I create content including FREE Search Engine Optimization Courses for thousands of my followers, and since Google search engine has been updating its algorithms drastically in 2024 I’ve decided to share THE BEST SEO Courses for 2024 in hope that your business website will get top ranking results in SERP.

Let’s first clear the air about Search Engine Optimization Training Certification Courses online. STOP wasting your money with such gimmicks because the Search Engine Optimization industry is NOT regulated.

And the fact is, long ago before Google started sharing How to Videos for SEO, I’ve been sharing my experience on YouTube about website development and optimization. Accordingly, below you’ll find the full video course list for each video in this great SEO course for the year 2024. Before you begin your learning, do realize that you can also learn straight by Google search engine help section with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide.

Video Lessons for Each Area of Optimization

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FAQ About SEO in 2024

Below you’ll find basic answers to commonly asked questions about website optimization.

Which is the Best Course to Learn SEO?

The Best Course for SEO in 2024 is freely available Step-by-Step Search Engine Optimization Training Course for 2024 by RankYa. Because most other courses out there aren’t updated for latest Google changes such as Page Experience, Core Web Vitals and Creating Helpful Reliable and Useful content update.

Is there a Future for SEO?

Yes there is a future for SEO. In fact, website optimization will actually become more important beyond 2024 because of mobile device usage increase.

Are SEO Courses Worth It?

For most website owners managing their own website SEO Courses are worth it because you’ll learn a great deal for making sure your website is performing well.

Can You Learn SEO in 3 Months?

Basics of website optimization can be learnt in about 1 week. And depending on the time allocated, beginners can learn SEO enough in 3 months. However, if you want to work in this field as an SEO Manager or SEO Specialist, then, you will need to allocate more study time to master the art of search engine optimization.